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Well it's happened. Our teams will no longer officially be known as The Orientals (dict: "1. Characteristic of the Orient or East 2. A geographical division comprising southern Asia and the Malaya Archipelago 3. Eastern") We are now to be known as The Dragons (dict: "1. A mythical monster variously represented generally as a huge, winged reptile often spouting fire"

Our original nickname, The Orientals was the inspiration of our benefactor "Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. co-founder F.A. Seiberling... (who) believed that wisdom originated from the East, where all the great wise men and prophets originally came from." and "He wished the new edifice (East High School) would reflect that as much as possible."

The school board rejected continuing with this original inspiration on the basis that it is "an antiquated reference to people of Asian descent that now is considered offensive." Really? People of Asian descent are offended by the belief that they are the descendants of great wise men and prophets? I'm not buying it. I think it was a bad trade off.

Seiberling Elementary School Closing: To Rebuild

A "one last look" open house was held May 14th at Seiberling Elementary School for those wanting to say goodbye to the grand old structure. The final classes were held June 10th. In it's place will be a new $8.6 million dollar Seiberling school. And never fear, the owl will be there.

Follow the link for a great story about our beloved Seiberling Elementary School by Beacon Journal copy editor Mark Price.

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